Consultative Planning Including Financial Blind Spots

Imagine riding in your new cherry red sports car with the top down. You’re blasting down the highway, the wind in your hair, not a care in the world. You feel safe in this car. You did you due-diligence making sure the crash ratings were exceptional. It handles well and the seats are comfortable for long drives. Checking your mirrors, you go to change lanes, but clip the guy riding in your blind spot! Disaster strikes. You thought you had this all set up, but that blind spot changes everything.

Driving isn’t the only place you can encounter blind spots. Financial blind spots are all too common and can wreak havoc to your financial plan if let unattended.

You’ve got your retirement setup, but will your money last? Are you drawing all that you can out of your Social Security and pension plans? Could you investments be making more for you than they are, or are they performing at a sub-par level?

You’ve got a rental property that should perform well in the next few years. Are you looking at additional income options? Have you explored stocks? Do you own bonds? Should you own any of these things? Is your portfolio diversified as well as you should be? Should you be more aggressive in your state of life or looking at more conservative options?

The point is that life comes at us fast, meaning your financial situation can change quicker than a lane change on California highway. Our top notch team will sit with you and explore your financial plan to evaluate your coverage from every angle. We won’t sell you a bunch of unnecessary auxiliary goods, but rather recommend strategies that can preserve your financial future. You picked out the 5-star crash-rated sports car to save your life in an accident, do the same for you finances. Meet with one of our advisors to find the blind spots in your financial plan.