Income Distribution in Retirement

What is yours? Retirement distribution plan that is. Just as you had a plan to fund your retirement during your working years, you need to have a strategy to pull money out of your retirement accounts when you hit the golden years. Without a plan, you could run out of funds and still have plenty of life to live.

Putting together a distribution plan may seem obvious, but many retirees jump into their leisure years thinking more about vacations and volunteer opportunities than their cash allocation. You need to have a strategy and one that is specific to your lifestyle, your personality, and your needs.

Our retirement professionals will help you determine:

  • How will you use the savings you've accumulated?
  • At what age will you start taking distributions?
  • How much will you need to take?
  • How often will you take money out?
  • What other assets could you use to help make retirement savings last?
  • Where will your money be during the years you’re taking distributions?
  • How will you invest your account balance?
  • Will you enroll in a regularly scheduled distribution plan or manually request your distributions?
  • Should you leave your money in their current accounts or roll your balance over to an IRA?
  • Are there penalties for leaving your money in company 401K accounts? What about minimum balances?
  • What are the effects if I take my retirement early? How about if I delay my retirement?

Without careful planning, you could wind up spending the bulk of your retirement savings before you even know it. But with a plan, you can enjoy the fruit of your labor for years and years. Allow our team to help you work through these questions so that you can rest - and play - to your heart's content. Retirement should be fun, and we’ll help get you there.