Risk Management Asset Protection and Insurance

Life has wonderful surprises for us everyday. An unexpected call from the oldest of friends, a high dose of praise from a tight-lipped colleague, a traffic-free commute at the end of the day. For all of the miraculous little surprise life brings us, no one wants a financial surprise to be one of them.

Life and the financial market can be unpredictable, even turbulent at times. We must be prepared in order to keep our financial futures on track.  

During the downturn, we all saw what could happen to those individuals who were unprepared for the unexpected. None of us want to be caught in that turmoil again. What we do at EverVest is address possible financial scenarios and work to cover your assets so you can come out above the flood should a financial disaster strike.

We’ll work with you to make sure you have the right insurances in place to provide for your family in the event of a life-altering injury. We’ll map out the income you want your spouse and your children to live off of in the event of your death. We’ll examine your riskiest investments and your leverage levels then recommend the safest trajectory for your financial future. We’ll work alongside your attorneys to make sure you have the right documents to ensure your assets are protected.

We’ll do this all with you at the table as we strive to make sure that your needs are met, your spouse is satisfied, and your children are sheltered from any financial disaster that may strike.

We know you’ve worked hard for all you’ve got. We’ve also seen too many people lose everything in one fell swoop. We are passionate about you and your family. Come meet with one of our Wealth Managers today. When the storm comes, you’ll be glad you did.