Our Process

We use a multi-step process for comprehensive planning for our clients.


Step One

We believe no two people have the exact same financial needs and everyone’s path is different. In response, we start off with an informal, no-obligation meeting designed to get to know each other. You’ll have questions. We’ll have questions. You’ll want to know what our services cost and what they entail. We go through all of that in a transparent manner so you have an exact idea of what the benefits and costs will be of any strategy we might explore. And we’ll need to ask questions about your current financial picture, as well as your challenges and aspirations. We’ll also want to know about your family, your business or career and any goals that might be relevant. And we’ll do our best to answer any questions about our team, the markets, specific strategies you are considering and any other question you might have to be able to consider working with EverVest.

Step Two

At our follow up meeting, after gathering necessary info and fact-finding, we’ll present a preliminary course of action and investment plan. Once again, this is a no-obligation, low-key meeting designed for you to get a preview of what we call client strategy sessions. We take a look back at your current positions, review the bright spots, disappointments and challenges, and make a specific recommendation on moving forward. The recommendation is no strings attached and you’re free to take it with you. Of course, if you decide you want to move forward with us, we move on to the next step that includes bringing in our operations and administration team to coordinate the account opening and transfer process. Again, we’ll take the time necessary to go over the costs and benefits of any recommended strategy in a completely transparent manner.


Step Three

Once we have begun the implementation of your financial and investment plan, we decide together how often and in what format we need to do our periodic strategy sessions. Most clients prefer a couple of times a year but with ever shifting markets and life situations these decisions often need to change. And we adapt to the circumstances. We will meet in person, on Zoom, in telephone conferences, and with your other trusted professionals like CPAs and attorneys on terms and schedules that best meet our clients’ needs.