Marvin Pitts

Marvin Pitts

Marketing Consultant

Marvin Pitts is a marketing consultant committed to helping clients at EverVest Financial. He always strives to assist clients in any matter and he brings the skills and passion he has developed to the financial service industry. He was able to join his family’s practice in 2021 and start working with families much like his.


Marvin grew up in Mexico City, where it is typical to have a role of support and each one does their part in a large family. Always looking for a way to be of help, Marvin would do what he could. He feels fortunate to have been raised that way because now with a growing family of his own he realizes the benefit of having guidance and advice. He is driven to pass that good fortune on and help those that need it. Helping diverse families feel confident in their monetary decisions is important to him. Working together with families, his desire is to help them become aware of every option available and working together they pinpoint their priorities and to pursue their goal. Marvin enjoys the many deep connections he makes with clients, knowing that they have built a relationship on confidence and feel comfortable coming to him with any concerns.

Marvin is a serious cinephile and uses his love for movies to help promote plans and education that can help clients feel like the director of their own films. Whether it be topics about: retirement saving and investment management, planning for a family, or coming up with a budget to regain control of their finances.

Outside of his work Marvin enjoys spending time with his 5 children and wife Jasmine. Although this keeps him quite busy he finds time to sit with his wife or daughter and enjoy a show or movie every once in a while. Being active in sports much of his life he enjoys going to his sons’ (Josiah) basketball games as well as going to the skate park with his youngest son. He enjoys being silly and playing around with his baby daughter.