Sid Guthrie

Sidney Guthrie is a wealth strategist on the EverVest team. He joined as an advisor to help individuals and our families work toward clarity with their finances. Sidney’s situation is unique in that he is reallocating prior professional experiences, academic, and training into one role that allows him to fully express, not only his love for analytics but also a position of caring for and helping our families.

With his quantitative background in research through studies at the University of Arizona in Life Sciences, he brings a creative perspective to his newfound passion for financial development. He believes that the industry needs an injection of youth and entering this business as a fresh-minded, eager individual, Sidney looks to bring a modern take on strategies and bring technical expertise to collaborate and co-design the future of strategies for our clients. His love for the unknown helps him dig deeper into the inner workings of finances to pursue greater clarity for clients’ financial life at both the macro and micro levels. 

He is led by two amazing mentors with a combined forty plus years of experience to jump-start his path to financial stewardship. Sidney believes strongly that knowledge is pivotal and staying ahead requires continuing education. He is dedicated to always keep up with relevant topics and titles pertaining to the industry to continually provide the best services for our clients. His belief in investing applies both quantitative and qualitative strategies across blended allocations of equities and fixed income. He believes this enables us to actively uncover distinct opportunities within and across various financial market segments and sectors.

Sidney looks forward to keeping up with such a dynamic work environment and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with each client. Sidney enjoys working in the greater Phoenix area and is an Arizona local, born in Prescott, AZ. He has lived in multiple cities across the state but calls the desert his home.  Outside of the office, Sidney can often be found at local venues for live music, exploring new paths while cycling, or spending quality time with friends, family, and his wonderful significant other, JR.